[ Layaway] Layaway information


2014. 01. 24 (15:20)


Secretdoll studio Layaway

- We only accept layaway for customers who order over 0.
- Your order must include our dolls.
- Payment is received only paypal.

Layaway is available only paypal payments.
 However when ordering, you are selected payment method to 'paypal account', automatically linked to your payment immediately. When you select the paypal in your order, you must select " Deposit Account ".

- You can divide total payment(items + shipping cost) as two or three payment, and be regularly.
- The first payment have to be sent to us within 7 days since you order. The second and final payments are due on the same day of the following two months.

{For example: For an order placed on February 14, the first payment is due on February 15(within 7 days), the second March 15, and the final payment on April 15.}

2 step payment layaway: Please remit 50% first and 50% of total later.
3 step payment layaway: Please remit 40% first and second/last payment would be 30% of total.

- You should write like this [Layaway – order number] in the title on Q&A board.  Please select the[ Layaway ] prefix.
- The last layaway payment must be completed within 2 months.
- You may make additional payments as you wish, If you payoff earlier than the payment schedule, please write down on our web-site [Q&A].

- Non refundable deposit is 40% of `item costs`.
When payment is not confirmed within the following date, we consider the order is canceled, after if it not confirmed payment gets canceled automatically without notice and immediately refund without less shipping cost and non refundable deposit.

We will start manufacturing doll since your first payment, we seek your understanding on this to prevent delaying schedule.


- Secretdoll layaway form (for 2 step) - Please copy the form

- Secretdoll layaway form (for 3 step) - Please copy the form